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In the midst of Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and 2PM’s Nichkhun officially coming out as a couple, past posts talking about their relationship have come up to the surface.

On April 4, SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment both confirmed, “They started out as friends and recently became a couple.” However, fans seemed to have already been discussing it since 2009.

Netizens picked out that ‘Young’ was referring to Tiffany’s Korean name, Mi Young, and thought that ‘bf’ in Tiffany’s message stood for ‘boyfriend.’ In December of 2009, a post came up on an online community saying, “A person my friend knows goes to the broadcast station a lot and knows some of the employees there.

So when stories about Tiffany and Nichkhun come out, they all knew that the two are dating.” Then on April 2, there was a post that read, “This mother I know is related to a SNSD member.

Nichkhun - Asian Wiki on june 2010, he was cast in the second season of variety show we got married, pairing up with victoria of f(x).They are faking that they are close when they aren’t. She would at least try to interact and be as happy as she is around Kyuhyun if she did have feelings for Nichkhun. They are only co-workers & acquaintances through WGM and nothing more. :)They whisper to each other when they aren’t MCing. There has been various evidence circling for a long time so I made this tumblr to share that with everyone.;)Dance together when someone performs.2012 Korean Music Wave They look at each other even when they’re at a press conference and lots of people are sitting near them. ;) Tiffany too becomes shy when Nichkhun starts to speak. She obviously like to hear him talk and it becomes hard for her to control her smile. :)Both are facing each other with their entire body meaning they give each other their full attention. You can believe what you want to believe but it is true that they are a real couple.From necklaces to cellphone chains, passport cases and cellphone decorations, Tiffany and Nichkhun have shared the same items as captured in pictures.Also, in their respective album jackets, Nichkhun wrote, ‘The Silly little Young one,’ while Tiffany wrote, ‘the Silly bf’ in their thanks messages.Relationship Statistics, dating 1 2 years -, total 1 2 years -, details.


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