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The kids finally told their parents what happened to them and in time, all of the children forgot about Krueger, what he did to them, the preschool and each other.

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Kristen "Kris" Fowles was the false protagonist of the remake A Nightmare on Elm Street, as the equivalent of Tina Gray from the original.

She was the ex-girlfriend of Jesse Braun, and friend of Quentin Smith and Nancy Holbrook, but also, the second victim of the 2010 remake.

When Kris Fowles was a very young girl, she attended preschool with her classmates Nancy Holbrook, Dean Russell, Jesse Braun, Quentin Smith, Marcus Yeon and several other children.

All of them lived very happy lives and got along with the school gardener Freddy Krueger.

One day however Krueger took Kris to his secret "magic cave" where he physically and sexually abused her along with all the other children.


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